Women generally experience different and completely new stroke symptoms as long as a month and even more prior to experiencing a stroke. The Symptoms Of Stroke In Women are very different from the symptoms of stroke in men. Women not only experience the common symptoms associated with stroke but they also experience certain uncommon symptoms like indigestion and abdominal discomfort. They might even feel a burning sensation in the upper abdomen or the chest. In women, the symptoms of stroke are more subtle. Women do not experience chest pain as a symptom of stroke while it a common symptom of stroke in men. Therefore, doctors need to be very careful when examining women so that they do not miss out on the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Stroke In WomenCommon Signs of Stroke in Women

In women, the symptoms of stroke are generally misdiagnosed and this is the reason why they are not treated with beta-blockers, aspirin and various other medicines meant for preventing heart attacks. This also serves as a reason why women are at an increased risk of experiencing a stroke owing to the loss of time in seeking the right medical attention. Some of the symptoms that physicians and even women need to be aware of are:

•    Chest discomfort

•    Shortness of breath

•    Uncomfortable pressure

•    Cold sweat

•    Unusual fatigue

•    Dizziness

•    Nausea

•    Back pain

•    Pain felt below the left shoulder blade

•    Tingling sensation in the elbow, jaw, neck and arms

Less Common Signs of Stroke in Women

The less common signs of stroke in women include:

•    Abdominal or stomach pain

•    Atypical pain in the chest

•    Anxiety palpitations

•    Fatigue

•    Paleness or cold sweat

•    Unexplained weakness

Five Most Common early Signs of Stroke in Women

The five most common early signs of stroke in women include:

•    Unusual fatigue: 70%

•    Sleep disturbance: 48%

•    Shortness of breath: 42%

•    Indigestion: 39%

•    Anxiety: 35%

Apart from this, 30% women reported experiencing a certain discomfort in the chest area. The discomfort was described as tightness, pressure or aching but not chest pain.

Diagnosing the Signs of Stroke in Women

Women are diagnosed for the signs of stroke by making use of an electrocardiogram. This device helps in detailing the distinctive changes that take place in a woman’s body. Panic attacks and indigestion serve as common diagnosis. Stress tests are also carried out in order to diagnose whether the arteries have been blocked. Cardiac surgical processes come as one of the most effective treatments for strokes in women.

The Summary

The common signs of stroke in women include sleep disturbance, difficulty breathing and fatigue. It must be kept in mind that the signs of stroke generally follow a very common pattern. The signs like shortness of breath and chest pain are uncommon in women. It is important to know that first aid comes as the best help in relieving the Symptoms Of Stroke In Women. Bed rest is one of the most effective ways of relieving the symptoms. Apart from this, women can also try keeping their body hydrated in order to prevent the symptoms of stroke.

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