The Unique Symptoms of Stroke in Women

Knowing the signs of stroke in women is a little difficult. Not all the symptoms, especially in women- are the common ones that you might have heard about. It has been estimated by the National Stroke Association that more than half a million women throughout world experience stroke and minimum 1 out of 5 women die to stroke. With that said, stroke should not be taken as a disease that distinguishes against age or gender. It would be better to know the risk factors associated with strokes that take a toll on every individual’s health regardless of gender or race. The risk factors include:

•    Diabetes

•    High blood pressure

•    Family history

•    Being overweight

•    Smoking

It is to be noted that these risk factors may or may not affect victims depending on their health conditions.

Symptoms Of Stroke In WomenClassic Signs of Stroke in Women

Some of the most classic symptoms of stroke in women are:

•    Trouble understanding and speaking

•    Sudden confusion

•    Sudden weakness or numbness of the leg, arm or face.

•    Sudden trouble in seeing with one or both the eyes.

•    Trouble walking

•    Loss of coordination or balance

•    Dizziness.

These are the classic symptoms of stroke that women can experience. However, women can also experience various other symptoms which are generally dismissed as something else. Such symptoms include:

Sudden Vomiting and Nausea

These are symptoms which are generally quite sudden and they tend to be accompanied by various other common symptoms of stroke.

Extreme Exhaustion

Women generally experience an urge to sleep or lie down prior to having a stroke. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that lying down or taking some rest is the worst thing that women can do while experiencing a stroke. This is because the heart needs to be active in order to take action and start getting help right away.

The Unique Signs of Stroke in Women

Some of the most uncommon symptoms of stroke which are never taken as stroke symptoms in women are as follows:

•    Difficulty breathing

•    Shortness of breath

•    Fainting or loss of consciousness

•    Unresponsiveness, disorientation and confusion

•    Sudden change in behavior

•    Seizures

•    Hiccups

•    Pain

The Bottom Line

The unique Symptoms Of Stroke In Women generally create problems because they often go unnoticed or unrecognized in the form of a stroke symptom. This ultimately results in the delay of treatment. Effective treatment for stroke can only be administered if the stroke is identified or diagnosed immediately or at least within the first three hours of the appearance of symptoms. Women need to be very careful when they experience the symptoms that have been mentioned above. These symptoms should be taken seriously if they do not subside even after taking the necessary medicines. It is best to consult a specialized doctor at the earliest.

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